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Benefits of STEELEX
PVC Pipes & Fittings

PVC U Steelex Pipe is a modern technology product that offers reliable and durable Plumbing installation service for multiple users including civil contractors, engineers, Plumbers, industries, and irrigation areas. A number of performance advantages mean PVC Pipes & Fittings now replace many regular materials.


Lightweight of Steelex

Steelex PVC U Pipe Fittings offer a remarkable weight advantage over alternative piping (i.e Iron) materials. Comparatively low weight of Steelex uPVC Piping means that Plumbers are less likely to get injured, and while it may take a team of Plumbing Staff or mechanical hoists to carry a large number of metal pipe, PVC Pipe is so light that a single person can easily move a long lenght.

This means fewer labor required and those hired can get the piping installed comparatively faster than iron or steel. Light weight also means cost effective transportation vehicle because the majority of transportation companies charge by weight.

Flexibility of Steelex Pipe Fittings

PVC Pipe’s tensile strength i.e resistance to fracture is an extremely edging advantage. While uPVC pipes are made from a rigid PVC resin, Pipe itself has the ability to yield under loading without fracturing. These Pipes can successfully be used where the surface will be subject to external loading such as road traffic.

The modulus of elasticity of these Pipes is a major advantage for buried applications, particularly where soil movement or vibration is expected. Somewhere In pressure Installations, uPVCs modulus of elasticity also reduces the magnitude of pressure surges i.e. water hammer.


A major requirement for all piping applications is joint tightness. These Steelex Pipes are available with deep insertion push together solvent cement joints.

Longer Lengths

These PVC pipes is typically supplied in length of 6 Meter. This reduces the number of joints required comparatively other metal product Fewer joints allow for faster and more efficient installation, less hydro friction, and lesser chance for leakage.

Design Versatility

The physical properties of Steelex Pipes allow designers and specifiers a high degree of freedom when designing new products and developing solutions where PVC acts as a replacement or refurbishment material.

Friction Coefficient

When this piping systems is designed one of the main concerns is flow rate and pressure. Steelex uPVC Pipes provide smoother wall surfaces that reduce fluid friction and resistance to flow. This hydraulic smoothness inhibits slime build-up in sewers and virtually reduce tuberculation and encrustation in water distribution mains.

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