Hydroplast Sch-80 uPVC Pipe fittings (Pressure 18 Bar) grey color sizes 1/2″ to 12″. Imported material supplier in Karachi Pakistan. +92-321-2248975

What is Hydroplast?

Hydroplast is one of Pakistan’s top producers of UPVC pipe fittings. All plumbing applications use UPVC Pipes Fitting, which is best suited for home concealed piping systems, outdoor installations, and agriculture watering systems.

We delivers a wide range of UPVC Fittings. They are affordable, long-lasting, leak-proof, simple, and quick to connect.

UPVC Sch-80 Fittings

These fittings include reducers, elbows, tees, end caps, 45- and 90-degree flanges, and coupling sockets.

Schedule 80 UPVC Pipes

For various pressure classes of pipes, UPVC Pipes & Fittings come in a range of diameters. conforming to worldwide standards like BS, PS, ASTM, etc.