Idrees Sanitary Fittings is a leading brand in PAKISTAN developing and promoting new products and concepts designed to improve our lifestyle.

Idrees Sanitary Fittings Item Range

Bath Set: Shower Sanitary Sets included Lever Set, 4 Nob Set & 2 Nob Sets, Accessory Set.

Sanitary Items:

  • Bowl Sink Tub and Basin Mixer,
  • Wall Shower, Muslim Shower
  • Tee Bib Long and Double Bib Cocks,
  • Basin Waste and Miscellaneous.

About Idrees Company

The Company established in 1985. Its registered business with ISO 9001-2000.

Over the past 28 years, This Sanitary Fittings has achieved great success as a professional bathroom products manufacturer, focusing on both quality and service.

This success combined with the experience gained assures. Idrees Fittings will be able to provide high quality products and specialized Services.

Our current line of products includes bathroom accessories like Wall Shower, Tub Mixer, Basin Mixer, Sink Mixer &, etc… Our goal at M. Idrees Sanitary Fittings is to produce high quality products for our customers with unique designs at competitive prices.

Focusing on reliable top quality products and services for our customers ensures that we have long lasting relationships which are fruitful to all.

What is Future Mission of Idrees?

I’drees Brothers Sanitary Fittings is now looking for worldwide distributors, who desire the best products and services for their customers and are dedicated to establishing a strong reputation in the market.


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Showing all 12 results