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What is the Role of Electric Conduit Pipe and Fittings?

Electrical conduit pipe fittings are components we use in electrical conduit systems to facilitate electrical wiring.

Electrical Contractors also use Conduit systems to protect and route electrical wiring in buildings and other structures.

These fittings play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and proper functioning of the electrical wiring.

What are the Fittings used in Electric Conduit?

  1. Socket: People use Couplings to connect two conduit pipes together. They come PVC or uPVC.
  2. HT Saddle or Clamps:these are the pipe clamps U shape to hold and straighten the pipe line.
  3. Bend: Electrician use Bend to change the direction of the conduit system, allowing the wiring to navigate corners or turns.
  4. Jointing Solution or Solvent:We use to bond the pipe and fittings i.e Tees Bends Sockets etc.
  5. Lenter Box
  6. Spot Light Box
  7. Junction Box
  8. Fan Box (Round & Square)
  9. Concealed Wall Box or Switch Box (3×3 & 3×6″)
  10. Open Wall Box or Switch Box (3×3 & 3×6″)
  11. Elbows: Need to Give turn the wire in Pipe just use Elbows; are to change the direction of the conduit system.
  12. Tees: Tees are fittings that allow the conduit to branch off into two directions. They are useful when you need to run wiring to multiple locations.

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Showing all 6 results