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Shower Set

Bathroom Shower Set including Knob Lever Economy Quarter Round and Full Round SS and Colors.

  1. Shower Head: The part that disperses water. There are various types, including fixed shower heads and handheld shower heads.
  2. Shower Hose: Connects the water supply to the shower head. In the case of handheld shower heads, the hose allows for flexibility and ease of use.
  3. Shower Arm: The arm that holds the shower head. It is attached to the water supply and may be fixed or adjustable.
  4. Shower Mixer or Valve: Controls the temperature and flow of water. It can be a simple valve or a thermostatic mixer that maintains a constant water temperature.
  5. Diverter: In systems with both a fixed and handheld shower head, a diverter allows you to switch between them.

Bath Accessory Set

Bath Accessories including Smart Metal, Elegant, Lotus, Plastic etc.

Flush Tanks

Plastic Flush Tanks, Concealed Flush Tanks including frame less, half frame & full Frame.