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PPRc Pipes & Fitting Euro Gulf Pirces Shops and Suppliers in Karachi +92-321-2248975.

We can use EG PPR for distribution in housing, administration and community buildings as well as for industrial installations.

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EG PPR-C piping system is designed for the transportation of cold and hot water.

It is also used for the distribution of compressed air. EG PPR-C is a complete piping system in Pakistan that conforms to International Quality and Safety Standards.

Where Can We Use Euro Gulf PPRc ?

  • Houses and Apartment Construction
  • Hot / Cold and Chilled Water Piping.
  • Industrial Piping for Aggressive Fluids.
  • Compressed Air.
  • Air Conditioning / Refrigeration.
  • Food and Beverage Processing.

What is the benefit of Euro Gulf PPRc

  • Long Length ‘Can be Made by Fusion Jointing.
  • Reduce Chances of Short Circuit.
  • Low Cost of Transportation and Handling.
  • Reduces Jointing and Labor Cost.
  • Low Cost of Fittings Used.
  • Reduces Energy Losses.
  • Suitable for Potable Water and Food Processing Industries.
  • Design Life is 50 Years According to DIN 8077/8078.
  • Can Withstand High Flow Velocity.
  • Quick & Easy Installation.

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