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AGM Pipe suppliers Karachi Pakistan. +92-321-2248975. AGM PVC Pipe fitting for Hot and Cold water supply drainage sewer and AC drain plumbing installation system. Price list supplier and dealers in Karachi & Islamabad Pakistan.

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CPVC pipe fittings for hot water supply in geyser lines size range available from 1/2″ to 2″. Made in KSA Saudi Arabia.

Upvc Pipes and Fittings are available for water drain sewer ASTM quality standard. Size Range from 1/2″ to 8″ for both Pipe and Fitting. made in KSA Saudi Arabia.

CPVC Fittings

CPVC fittings, due to characteristic properties of CPVC are used for connecting pipes used in supplying high temperature liquids and high temperature water flow in heavy duty residential, commercial and industrial projects.

AGM hot water Fittings made from CPVC have the capacity to perform under high pressure and temperature and are normally used in laying plumbing pipelines for commercial, industrial (including chemical processing and mineral extraction ventures) and residential projects.

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