LED Solar Street Light 120-200w

LED Solar Street Light Clopal Electric 120w and 200W PIR Motion Sensor + Remote Control + Charging Prices and suppliers in Karachi Pakistan. +92-321-2248975

DESCRIPTION of Solar Street Light

Save electricity bill. Replace 250W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) by 100W LED. Save 60% on electricity bill of lighting.

  • WEIGHT:  5kg
  • Maintenance-free. Extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency. Save labor cost to replace lamps with short lifespan.
  • Excellent lens design. Advanced and professional light distribution for street lighting. Great uniformity. High efficiency. Output is 10000lm. Efficiency is up to 100lm/w
  • Enhanced safety. With a superior optical control, LED road lighting fixtures efficiently generates uniform white light, and will enhanced the safety of street.
  • Durable housing. Rugged die-cast aluminum, scratch and fade resistant.
  • Excellent appearance. Tempered Glass. Safe and extremely high light transmittance.
  • Eco-Friendly. No lead or mercury.
  • No Hazardous Emissions. No UV or IR Radiation.
  • Solid State.  Shockproof and vibration proof.
  • Rated Center Beam Intensity: 2681.2 cd
  • Lamp Pole Size: Φ 55 – 63 mm (can be adjusted by screws, please use M10 hexy key to loose/tighten the screws), please note that .

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