HDPE pipe fitting Supplier

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What is HDPE pipe fitting Supplier?

Polyethylene has grown to become one of the world’s most widely used and recognized thermoplastic materials.
We offer extremely efficient PE pipes made from material grade PE-100 that designed for pressure, non pressure applications are built in temperature control technology.
These pipes are highly stable and reliable for wide range of applications. They are also high in efficiency and have a high melting temperature.

HD-PE – Better Piping Solutions

High density polyethylene plastic pipe (HD-PE) delivers exceptional value, unwavering reliability and remarkable advantages over conventional types of piping.
It’s today’s right choice for water, drainage, fuel gas, conduit and plumbing & heating. Other reason PE is a superior choice:
  1. • Long-term service life
  2. • Highly-resistant to corrosion, abrasion and chemicals
  3. • Strong, durable, flexible and lightweight
  4. • Longer-length pipe with leak-proof joints
  5. • Lower labor requirements for installations
  6. • Significant overall cost savings

Municipal & Industrial Division

High density polyethylene (PE) has been used for municipal and industrial water applications for almost 50 years.
PE’s heat-fused joints create a leak free, self restraint, monolithic pipe structure that allows the pipe to be pulled from one area to another with minimum disruption to traffic or the environment; the fused joint will also eliminate infiltration into the pipe and ex-filtration into the environment.
Hight Density PE has other benefits which include chemical, abrasion, fatigue, seismic and corrosion resistance.
The Municipal and Industrial Division includes but is not limited to the following applications:
  • Potable Water
  • Forced Main Sewer
  • Mining
  • Industrial
Poly Ethylene has been used in drinking water pipe applications for almost 50 years and has been gaining approval and growth in municipalities ever since.
HD-PE has been is use for sewer pipe applications for more than 30 years. Independent testing of PE in sewer service for 25 years showed no significant changes in the material’s physical or chemical properties.

What advantages of PE pipe?

  • Durable
  • Flexible and Fatigue Resistant
  • Cost Effective
  • Long Term and Permanent
  • Cost effective Installation
  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistant

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