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What is Concealed Bath Set?

concealed is a bathroom fixtures and fittings that are designed to be hidden or concealed behind the wall, providing a sleek and minimalist appearance in the bathroom.

Items Included

  1. Shower Mixer: This is a shower control unit that is installed within the wall. It usually includes handles or knobs for adjusting water temperature and flow.

    Some concealed shower mixers also have diverter functions to switch between different outlets like a rain showerhead, handheld shower, or body jets.

  2. Bath Mixer: Similar to a concealed shower mixer, a concealed bath mixer is installed within the wall and is used to control the water temperature and flow for a bath.
  3. Shower Head and Arm: The shower head and arm are mounted within the wall, providing a seamless and clean look. The arm extends from the wall, and the shower head is attached to it.
  4. Bath Spout: The bath spout is the water outlet for filling the bathtub. In a concealed bath set, the spout is often installed within the wall, giving a tidy appearance.

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Showing all 2 results