PVC male adapter

PVC male adapter is a plumbing fitting used in the installation of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes and fittings. It is designed to connect a PVC pipe to a female-threaded fitting or valve.

pvc male adapter sch80 hydroplast

Male End

One end of the PVC male adapter has male threads. These threads are typically in the form of a tapered thread, similar to those on a standard screw, and are designed to screw into a female-threaded opening, such as a PVC female adapter, a valve, or a female-threaded PVC fitting.

Socket End

The other end of the PVC male adapter has a smooth, unthreaded socket. This socket allows you to solvent weld a PVC pipe into the adapter. Solvent welding is the process of using PVC cement or glue to chemically bond the PVC pipe to the fitting, creating a watertight and durable connection.

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