Fibre Concept Karachi based Brand of FC Manhole Covers, FC PVC Grating Drain Jali & Kitchen Sink Products in Building Construction Material Field. +92-321-2248975

What are the Products of Fibre Concept Karachi?

  1. FC Manhole Covers
  2. FC Grating
  3. FC Kitchen Sink

Fiber Concept PVC Manhole Covers

Well known High Quality with Cheap lowest price or comparative to Market price.

FC Manhole Available in Black, Ivory (Vehicle) and White or Grey (Pedestrian) Colors.

Size: 12×12″ Square | 18×18″ Square | 24×24″ Square.

What is Fibre Concept PVC Grating?

Rapidly Growing and Market Capturing Plastic jali drain grating FC PVC Gratings make 2 different types of Grating that has following Feature:

  1. Single Piece Grating & 1 feet Pce Vehicle Grade Gratings
  2. Single Piece Grating bears 3-5 Ton While 1 feet Piece Grating Bears 1.25 Ton.
  3. Cheaper than Iron and Comparative or stand alone product of its own category Price.
  4. Colors: Black & White (or light grey)

Kitchen Sink Fancy type Fibre Concept

Heavy Gauge High Quality, China made Kitchen Sink Fancy type is New arrival product in Fancy Kitchen Bowl Series.

  • 3-5 Different Dimension Sizes available
  • SS Stainless Steel Color
  • Ideal for Luxury Kitchen Interior


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Showing all 11 results